Study programme audit visit

NQA assesses study programmes according to the accreditation system. Prime focus of a NQA assessment is always educational content and the improvement function. There are two kinds of audit visit: the limited study programme assessment and the extensive study programme assessment (including assessment criteria and assessment rules). The substantive part of both audit visits is the same.

Why should you opt for a NQA study programme audit?

  • NQA concentrates on educational content. According to its clients, the primary focus of NQA’s new working method is education quality. Simultaneously, within the parameters of the assessment framework, there is more room for dialogue. The panel speaks with graduates, their supervisors and teachers about the quality of the study programmes and graduate works.
  • NQA tries as far as possible to accommodate an institute’s specific wishes within the boundaries of the assessment framework.
  • NQA limits paperwork. Documents can be submitted digitally.
  • Communication runs via the portal. In this way you can constantly follow the progress of your audit visit.
  • NQA offers you its own practical guide for audit visits. This will help you afterwards to draw up the (compulsory) critical reflection.

Do you want to know more about an NQA study programme audit visit? Please contact Peter van Achteren.
Our assessment reports on study programmes can be found at the NVAO database.