Panel composition

The selection of panel members is an essential part of the audit visit process. A scrupulous panel selection results in a good quality and effective audit visit. NQA devotes a lot of attention to overseeing its pool of prospective panel members and has repeatedly proven itself to be fast and efficient in selecting a suitable panel. In 2013 NQA compiled 126 panels with a total of 488 panel members.

Panel archive management 
NQA has a network of some 1000 authoritative panel members. Our panel archive contains a detailed registration of all these members. This allows us to select panel members with a specific background and expertise for every audit visit. We always have suitable panel members available, also for audit visits of small, specialist study courses.

NQA evaluates the functioning of panel members after each audit visit. These evaluations are collected in a data base so that we always have insight in the quality of our panel members Only panel members with a positive evaluation are eligible for future panel membership.

Expertise and impartiality
Because the contents of the study programme is of central importance to NQA, it generally selects three substantive experts to serve on the audit panel. The study programme can also request NQA to select a panel chairman. Panel members must possess relevant expertise and be utterly impartial. To confirm this they are expected to sign a declaration of impartiality before the audit visit process. As far as possible, NQA works with experienced panel members who have demonstrated their positive critical ability in previous audit visits.

Verified quality
NQA’s panel selection takes place quickly and efficiently. Even within a tight schedule, NQA is capable of forming a suitable panel and obtaining NVAO approval. In 2013, 90% of NQA’s requests received direct NVAO approval. Of all evaluation bureaus, this is the highest rate of immediately granted approval.

Streamlined process: preliminary talks, recruitment, confirmation
NQA guarantees a streamlined process. During preliminary talks, the study programme is free to nominate panel members. NQA will also propose possible panel members during these talks. NQA advises the study programme about selection criteria and gives information about NVAO requirements regarding panel selection.

On the basis of these preliminary talks, the study programme draws up a top-three list of candidates. Reserve candidates are also selected. The study programme can voice its preference for a student panel member.

NQA subsequently contacts the selected panel members. As soon as the panel is complete, the study programme will receive a dossier with all necessary particulars. The panel is definitely decided after approval by the study programme and the NVAO.

NQA’s Ineke Griffioen ( maintains contact with the study programmes, the panel members and the NVAO during the audit process. She is well-informed about the latest developments concerning panel selections. Please contact her if you have any questions.