Training auditors for educational institutes

Many educational institutes work with internal audits to determine if targets are being met. Audits can also serve to prepare an institute for an external assessment. Internal audits help to align quality assurance systems and guarantee their consistency. NQA trains internal auditors for educational institutes. The auditor’s competency is crucial for the quality of the audit and subsequent judgement.

What do educational institutes stand to gain from training auditors?

  • Auditors possess appropriate consultation skills.
  • Auditors are well-acquainted with the accreditation system/ assessment framework and know how to interpret it.
  • Auditors are up-to-date on topical social developments and changes made by the NVAO and the inspectors.
  • Auditors are capable of setting priorities and pinpointing certain aspects of the internal quality assurance system and the external assessment framework.
  • Auditors know how to deal with internal quality assurance goals as part of the audit process.
  • Auditors are capable of proposing suitable points for improvement.

In-company training
NQA trains auditors for educational institutes purely on an in-company basis. That way the training fits in well with the specific learning needs of the participants and the design of your internal audit process. The training consists of a two-day meeting and a feedback and review day.

Do you want to know more about training educational institute auditors? Please contact Merijn Snel.