P. (Peter) van Achteren BLL

Phone number: 
06 3010 4492

Peter van Achteren has worked for NQA since the beginning of 2008. After various audit visits for study programmes in Social Legal Services and Human Resource Management, as a student panel member, he joined NQA’s permanent staff. Previously, he attained a Bachelor of Law degree from the Hogeschool Utrecht and then embarked on a two-year academic orientation that centred on didactics and political science, combined with a function as auditor of teachers. In the period 2012-2013, Peter completed an abridged Business Administration study. He has gained experience in different HBO education domains, funded and non-funded and with new and existing bachelor- and master study programmes. In addition to audit visits, Peter selects audit teams, is involved with a wide range of consultancies, including quality assurance in secondary education and is also responsible for ISO certification.  

Since january 2010, his range of duties also include account management. Besides audit visits in the education field, Peter is also involved with audit visits in the housing construction sector (www.raeflex.nl).