NQA has more than one hundred clients in the HBO and WO, at home and abroad and in the funded and unfunded sector. It has worked for nearly all the different HBO education institutes both large and small. NQA aims to identify with the culture and way of working of separate organizations. Large, small, HBO, WO, funded, non-funded or foreign institutes – NQA respects that they all have their own characteristic culture and manner of working.

Quadraam - Duiven (group of secondary education schools)
Commissioned by Quadraam, a group of thirteen schools for secondary education in Gelderland, NQA developed an integral quality framework. This framework interrelates all activities that involve quality assurance. It is also possible to connect with external (supervisory) structures (like the Inspectie voor het Onderwijs). On the basis of this integral quality framework, NQA also developed a guide book with an assessment context for audit visits.

Testimonial Quadraam
Marc Mittelmeijer, member of Quadraam’s  Board of Directors: “We are pleased that NQA has supported us during this project. They very quickly mastered our internal accountability methods. You notice that NQA has considerable experience with quality assurance frameworks, self-evaluation and audit visit processes.  It helped us in greatly accelerating our thinking process.”