M. (Merijn) Snel BHRM en BEd

Phone number: 
06 3010 4453

Merijn Snel obtained her bachelor degree in Human Resource Management at the Saxion Hogeschool Enschede. After her study she started work as a junior staff advisor  at a large healthcare institution. Merijn has worked as auditor and advisor at NQA since 2005. She is experienced in carrying out study programme assessments in all HBO education domains, funded and non-funded, new and existed courses in both English and Dutch. The experience she has gained also makes her competent to assess distance learning.

In 2010, Merijn obtained her degree in Training & Human Development.

In addition to audit visits, Merijn supervises the development of new study programmes or components thereof, is active as consultant in the education sector and gives training courses. She also carries out EVC assessments, acts as contact person for EVC bureaus and is account manager for a number of institutes in higher education.