Study programme hallmark study routes

In addition to study programmes, NQA also assesses components of study programmes like minors, courses and tracks. A certificate for these study routes is an education hallmark. This  helps you gain the confidence of your target group and to continue work on improving quality. NQA’s assessment is based on nationally applicable assessment frameworks but it also considers your own quality norms and demands stemming from external accountability towards target groups, stakeholders and providers of funding.

What does certification of a study route involve?

  • Together with NQA, you determine the goal of the certification. A list of criteria for the assessment is also drawn up.
  • You receive intense support. For example, NQA can conduct a trial audit or in consultation with you, formulate learning goals and procedures.
  • A senior NQA auditor and an auditor will conduct an assessment in the form of a desk audit, mostly in combination with talks within your organization.
  • The auditor presents a report with findings, considerations and conclusions per subject. If the outcome is positive, you will receive an education quality hallmark.

Do you want to know more about certification of a study route? Please contact Paul Thijssen.