Certification internal audit process

NQA assesses and certifies your internal audit process. This gives you certainty about the quality of your own audits. You also gain insight about how far your audits adequately portray the quality of education. A certificate strengthens the role of your own assessment both internally and externally. NQA bases its assessment on the existing internal quality assurance system, the applicable external assessment framework and the ambitions of the institute in this sector.

What is certification of the own internal audit process?

  • You together with the NQA determine the goal of the certification. The assessment criteria will also be drawn up.
  • Your internal audit process will be evaluated via a desk audit (based on inspection of documents), through observation and interviews or a combination thereof.
  • The NQA auditor drafts an advisory report with conclusions and recommendations per subject. A second NQA auditor will assess this advice. If the assessment is positive you will receive a certificate.

Please contact Paul Thijssen if you want to know more about certification of your audit process.